tableutils – A jQuery plugin for HTML Tables

A jQuery plugin for Fixing Header, Sorting, Filtering and Paginating a HTML table.

It supports both Client-side and Server-side Pagination and can be used for Alphabetic, Numeric as well as Alpha-Numeric Pagination.

Download it.

Visit the Project Home.

See the Demo.

Read the Documentation.

I hope you find it useful. Fork it and contribute if you are interested.

Donate as low as $20 to keep the project running:

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6 thoughts on “tableutils – A jQuery plugin for HTML Tables”

  1. tableutils Demo is good.. But i could not use the plugin, i am getting error as matches is null in firebug. I could not see any html page in the project.. pls put some working demo html page inside the project..

    1. Hi, can you specify some more details. A short snippet from your code where you are using and initializing the plugin will be helpful so that I can resolve your problem asap.


  2. Hi I have the same problem on chrome, on console debug i get “Uncaught Type Error: cannot read property ‘0’ of null” on line 380 of tableutils.js file. This is the script to launch:

    $(document).ready(function() {
    $(‘#ex’).tableutils( {
    fixHeader: { width: 1000, height: 200 }
    } );

    My table id is ‘ex’, and I copy all the require js on local.

    Thanks for your support.

    1. HI,
      This bug occurs mostly when the plugin is not able to locate the context path. I have changed that old code. Please let me know your email, so that I can send you the latest version of the plugin. Replace the old files with the new ones.
      That will solve your problem and you will be able to use the plugin properly.

    2. Please download the latest release from the plugins site. I have updated it to fix your bug and also included a demo file “demo.html”. You can run that file on your local and test it so that you know its working even on your local.
      Hope that solves your problem.
      Looking forward to good reviews. ;)

  3. Guys,
    Just released the new version 1.1.1 for the plugin.
    I have fixed some of the common bugs in the plugin.
    It also has a demo file demo.html included, so that you can test it on your local machine.
    Please download the latest release from the plugins site.


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