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Code it, share it

Just made my first contribution to “Free Software” by releasing this jQuery plugin with MIT license.

And it feels great.!!

The fact that somewhere, your code will be used by so many other people is ecstatic. Have a look at the plugin.

Rightly said Mr. Richard Stallman – “If programmers deserve to be rewarded for creating innovative programs, by the same token they deserve to be punished if they restrict the use of these programs.”

So “Code it, share it.” :)


New Year Resolution

So its the dawn of yet another year in our lives and I was hearing this thing about New Year Resolutions from the last couple of days. People talking about the great things that they were going to do in the coming year and celebrities getting mocked for their unfulfilled resolutions in the media and newspapers and everywhere else. But you know its seriously addictive. Even when you don’t have anything in your mind, you will come up with something just to brag about it among your friends.

I, then thought of starting Blogging and terming it as my “New Year Resolution” and boasting about it to my friends ;). I just want to give you guys some company in the “This-Is-My-New-Year-Resolution-Which-I’ll-Forget-By-The-Next-Week” gang :D.┬áBut i seriously hope, it lasts more than a week.

Wish you all an awesome year ahead.

Happy New Year.